WHEN PAPER MEETS FASHION: live workspace at DDW!
Each October, the city of Eindhoven hosts Dutch Design Week (DDW). Here, the biggest design event in Northern Europe, more than 2600 designers present their work and ideas to more than 300,000 visitors from the Netherlands and abroad.
DDW concentrates on the design of the future and the future of design.
It’s a theme that fits very well with the vision Neenah Coldenhove has been creating when it comes to talent and knowledge development within schools. And it’s a theme that also coincides with our idea of stimulating and supporting the new generation.

Other than being an incredible chance to see how new generations think and approach fashion in different perspectives, the DDW is also a good place to see how and what new ideas are rising to the top. Is then for us a moment to put ourselves in the right place to understand and therefore connect with the audience we want to inspire and get inspired from, by seeing those creations live.

For all these reasons Neenah Coldenhove has sponsored one of the DDW 2018 exhibitions: ‘Fashion? Future design for the present’, shown at Campina. The exhibition explores a range of innovative projects, from new sustainable ways of thinking and designing to innovative production solutions and integrated technology.

Not just a static place to display existing projects, and thanks to the cooperation with Marina Toeters from by-wire.net, we were able to set up a small sized sublimation workshop equipped with a printer, a calendar and our paper. A live and active workspace to show visitors how we could help their projects and inspiring ideas come to life.

The visitors of the exhibition were able to experience how easy it is to customise printed items in a few steps with digital sublimation transfer printing. The idea was that each visitor could print their own selfie on our sublimation transfer paper and then decide whether to immediately transfer it onto bags or other accessories. They could even opt to take the printed paper home and transfer it onto something else, experiencing first-hand the sublimation process, materials and all its advantages.

As one of the pillars of DDW is to offer designers new opportunities by helping them move forward through real-life working environments, commerce and other sectors, Neenah Coldenhove couldn’t miss the opportunity to participate in this event.

After all, we also believe the “future requires connection” and we would like to thank all the people that visited the exhibition.

Check out all the creations that the visitors have designed throughout Dutch Design Week: