15.03.2016 Coldenhove held a Sales Academy and a Distributors Council. Participants from over 25 countries worldwide were able to learn the latest on the Coldenhove dye sublimation papers.

Coldenhove Sales Academy 2016
The 2016 Sales Academy was held for the first time and is a result of last year's distributors council. This interactive 2-day sales course enables the sales and technical people of our world-wide distributors to be successful with Coldenhove products in more and more challenging market circumstances. At the end of the course, all participants received a certificate of qualification. 

Coldenhove Distributors Council 2016
The 2016 Distributors Council was a high level get together of Coldenhove's valued distributors from around the world; the dye sublimation experts. The purpose of the council was to explore the latest developments, trends and challenges in the dye sublimation paper market, analyse end consumer consumption patterns and discuss (potential) customer purchasing behaviour.

Both events were very successful and all participant look back on a couple of extraordinary days. Coldenhove is thanking all our partners for their pro-active participation during these days.