Fabricademy in CODA FabLab

On Thursday 29th of March and Thursday 5th of April two participants from the Fabricademy will present their project in CODA FabLab. Brigitte Kock and Julia van Zilt will talk about their project at the Fabricademy and about their research into the possibilities of digital fabrication in combination with textiles. They were able to participate in this program through a scholarship of paper mill Neenah Coldenhove in collaboration with FabLab Benelux, byWire.net and CODA.

Julia van Zilt works on a piece of clothing that she creates with the help of laser cutting and sublimation. Her goal is to show the potential of the various techniques she has learned during her project at Fabricademy in daily fashion. Van Zilt wants to show the possibilities of alternative methods and digital manufacturing in this way. On Thursday 28th of March she will give a lecture and a workshop in CODA FabLab.

Patterns in 3D

Brigitte Kock designs garments by using a 3D printer. She has developed special software to design and print patterns. With this she can convert parts of the fabrics into a code for the 3D printer. The 3D printer prints the patterns on the printed circuit board using flexible material. Brigitte Kock assembles her cartridge parts by means of a assembly method. On Thursday 5 April, Brigitte Kock will give a lecture about her research and project in CODA FabLab.

More information

Van Zilt and Kock have carried out their project in CODA FabLab. CODA FabLab is a modern workshop with 3D printers and laser cutters. Would you like more information about the lectures and workshops of Van Zilt and Kock? Then go to www.coda-apeldoorn.nl/fabricademy.

About Fabricademy

The Fabricademy is a training from the MIT, with FabLabs forming the school classroom worldwide. A specialization within this program is the Fabricademy in which participants learn more about applications of textiles, biology and digital fabrication. Thanks in part to paper mill Neenah Coldenhove from Eerbeek, two bachelors from TU / e were able to participate. They have developed their final project in CODA FabLab with the 3D printer, laser cutter and the sublimation printer in combination with the sublimation paper from Eerbeek. For more information, see http://wiki.textile-academy.org/

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