Fespa 2017: Change of perspective

It is our great pleasure to officially invite you to meet the Coldenhove team during this year's Fespa at the Hamburg Messe in Germany, from 8 through 12 May, Hall B6, stand E35.

With only a few weeks left to Fespa 2017, Coldenhove Papier is busy preparing for the show of the year. A show with highlights such as the new Coldenhove website, hidden business opportunities and new innovative developments!

Change of perspective
By looking at things in a different way, you often discover hidden opportunities. Coldenhove looks beyond the current boundaries. We trigger you to uncover your own opportunities by offering a fresh perspective. We invite you to explore your opportunities, to change your perspective. And then help you find the best solution that suits your needs.

  • Your partner in paper and printing

Coldenhove is a solution provider. As such, we are not only on the constant lookout for the right solution, we take things one step further. Look on us as your innovative partner in printing and paper solutions. Whether it’s about creating the best match for existing products or getting on top of new developments and innovations.

  • Individual product selection

To help you gain new insights, Coldenhove introduces PMC insights. The new insights you gain from this can help you discover which Coldenhove product is best suited to your business, and help you understand why another product is not all it’s cracked up to be. At Coldenhove we are unique in our wide range of products and services. How so? For each market segment, we offer at least four high-quality variants.

  • Speedy, consistent quality anywhere in the world

We’re serious about our paper quality and delivery, and ensure consistency and delivery within 48 hours. You can remain secure in the knowledge that you will receive the same high-quality manufacturing batches and have your paper delivered quickly. We ensure this by building warehouses at targeted locations around the world. Choosing Coldenhove means choosing long-term high quality. 

Free tickets
Register now to visit FESPA 2017. Use promotional code FESM701 to save €40.00 entrance fee.

Be sure to come see us at FESPA 2017 in the Hamburg Messe in Germany. Come see our latest products and services, and while we’re at it, let’s discuss what we can do for you and your business. Looking forward to seeing you there!