Neenah Coldenhove raises paper production

On the 3rd September 2018, Neenah Coldenhove added a fourth shift at its plant in Eerbeek; an important step for us that has marked another milestone in our history.

Arnoud Roelandse, CEO of Neenah Coldenhove: “This was a historical day for us as it showed how far we can go and it will motivate us to keep growing and improving.”

This decision has been necessary not only to help us catch up with the growing demand in our market, but also to allow us increasing our production capacity by 20%.

Thanks to our long-standing history, we have been able to accelerate our progress in the last couple of years. And we aim to increase that growth even more year by year. In 2019, Neenah Coldenhove is planning to move on to the fifth shift, which will allow us to reach full production capacity.

In prime position to tackle our future accomplishments, Neenah Coldenhove has celebrated this day together with the full team in Eerbeek.