Neenah Coldenhove winner VNP ARBO Trophy

Neenah Coldenhove has made great strides in the field of safe working in 2017 and is presenting itself as a progressive employer. The Royal Association of Dutch Paper and Cardboard Manufacturers (VNP in Dutch) has therefore awarded Neenah Coldenhove the 2017 Arbo Trophy. The award was presented at the company site of Neenah Coldenhove in the forests of Eerbeek. In the presence of the Safe Working team, Process Operator Jeroen Elshof received the prize from VNP coordinator Erwin Heijnsbroek.

Erwin Heijnsbroek from VNP explains: “Neenah Coldenhove has effectively invested in safe working and the great results in 2017 are worthy of applause. In addition, we appreciate the active contribution of Neenah Coldenhove in the health and safety programs in the sector. This shows a good development from their own strength! You can be proud of that as a company.”

As a process operator, Jeroen Elshof, just like his colleagues, was directly involved in making the machinery and working methods safer in a planned and step-by-step manner: “We have become more aware of unsafe situations and we remind each other more actively. We, as colleagues, are now taking better care of each other”.

The current Managing Director, Arnoud Roelandse, was partly responsible for the development of safe working as former Manager Operations: “We want to be a company with healthy employees who can achieve an excellent result in a safe manner, every day. With this, we demonstrate that!”

The ARBO trophy is awarded to the company as a whole and covers the period of one year.