The sublimation excellence center

Coldenhove has the ambition to remain the leader in the field of digital sublimation transfer paper and has initiated steps to further improve her offer for the market. This sublimation paper, which she introduced in the market in 1998, excels in consistent quality, highest transfer yield and runnability. To guarantee this high quality Coldenhove keeps production in own hands. The quality paper has become the norm in the Group.

Furthermore, being the Sublimation Excellence Center within the Group, Coldenhove has a privileged position to initiate innovation and product development in this field. As a result, two new sublimation transfer papers were launched in April and presented during FESPA 2018 Berlin. Xtreme® Sports offers a response to the rising demand for a sublimation paper suitable for industrial sportswear applications. Xtreme® Dry is especially designed for high productive printers and introduces a revolutionary drying speed.

To further improve delivery conditions Coldenhove invests in a fully automated packaging line. The reason for this initiative is the growing demand for medium size roll diameters. The new packaging line offers the flexibility to deliver products such as Medicol and Jetcol both in large rolls for industrial printers and in smaller rolls for local printing specialists. In addition the capacity of the line as a whole will increase. The installation of the new packaging line starts in August and is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2018.